Prevent and assist in the fight against COVID-19

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Why did we create ViruSafe?

In times of a global pandemic, people from all around the world are trying to overcome the spread of COVID-19. The Black Swan of 2020 has caused severe damages to society and businesses. We, at Scalefocus, wanted to become part of the solution and challenged ourselves to leverage technology and help people fight the pandemic.

ViruSafe is an application, which aims to help in solving the equation of how to overcome COVID-19 successfully.

Application Description

ViruSafe is a mobile application, created to assist society and governmental institutions in the fight against COVID-19. The app was approved by the Bulgarian Ministry on April 4th and launched for mass use on the Google Play and Apple Store on April 7th.

Virusafe gives users the ability to track their symptoms and health status daily, which in turn gives Ministry of Health a good overview of the spread of the pandemic. Users can also voluntarily share their location to enable institutions to act accordingly, in case of an emergency.

ViruSafe Features

The application has features, specifically built to support in the fight against COVID-19. The current version of ViruSafe has the following:

  • Daily symptoms and health status tracker
  • Location tracker, enabled voluntarily by the user, to create a heatmap with potentially infected people
  • Notifications, which inform users on hot news, related to COVID-19
  • Information and best practices, connected to the pandemic

In order to enable the full range of features of the application, users need to enter personal data, such as personal ID, age, any chronical diseases they may have and allow the app to use their location. This in turn will give Ministry of Health and local authorities all necessary information, in case further actions are needed.

Important: All personal data is accessible only by Ministry of Health and authorized governmental institutions.